System Design & Selection

IT Consulting (2)Selecting and implementing a new application or supplier system can be a difficult and high risk process for many organisations. Not only do you need to identify the best solution to your own businesses requirements, but you need to make sure the implementation delivers the outcomes and business improvements you need.

Incomplete specification of requirements, poor design, over-selling by vendors and un-realistic implementation planning still causes many new system projects to fail. As a result, the whole process is a minefield for many organisations.

Avendris brings years of experience of designing and managing Systems Design and Selection projects across a wide range of applications and suppliers, for both small and large scale procurements. Our well-proven and pragmatic methods shorten the overall process and make sure decision-making is focused around key business issues. We’ll also work out the best plan for implementation, based on a realistic assessment of client, product and supplier capability and the business benefits expected.